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Redneck Attack von Sumelocenna


Anadune - Redneck Attack Von Sumelocenna [Deu]: Five Generation Pedigree

Redneck Attack Von Sumelocenna [Deu]
Five Generation Pedigree

Dilwyn Lad II (ISDS 100895)
Jos (ISDS 152124)
Dell (ISDS 136052)
Moss (ISDS 210370) [Irl]
Ben (ISDS 144542)
Dot (ISDS 161936)
Maggie (ISDS 140478)
Gleann's Zell (ISDS 226799)
Gunner Keele (ISDS 148409)
Int Sup Ch Wisp (ISDS 161487)
Nell (ISDS 143510)
Jan (ISDS 190054)
Haig (ISDS 138565)
Pam (ISDS 170735)
Int Brace Ch Dot (ISDS 127467)
Eiri Greme Moss (ISDS 269715) [Swi]
Sam (ISDS 146195)
Spot (ISDS 212262) [Irl]
Meg (ISDS 163773)
Sweep (ISDS 241986) [Swi]
Int Brace Ch Pip (ISDS 124578) [Irl]
Darky (ISDS 201001) [Irl]
Gale (ISDS 165148) [Irl]
Eiri Greme Jan (ISDS 256512) [Swi]
Rhosfa Jack At Kathrow (ISDS 199986)
Noble Lad (ISDS 216080)
Queen Of Habsburg (ISDS 193355)
Gwynt Dolly (ISDS 293268) [Swi]
Glen (ISDS 172578) [Irl]
Derry Jem (ISDS 204214)
Misty (ISDS 171167) [Irl]
Redneck Attack Von Sumelocenna [Deu]
Nzl Ch Aberdeenboy Of Clan-Abby [Nzl]
Sh Ch Nzl Ch Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone [Nzl]
Nzl Ch Clan-Abby Lorna Doone [Nzl]
Charttop Blue Kestrel
Sh Ch Melodor Flint At Dykebar JW
Charttop May Queen
Altricia Maggie May Of Charttop
Brigham Braveheart Von Der Kleinen Arche (ISDS 282573) [Deu]
Sam (ISDS 140048)
Taff (ISDS 204670)
Nell (ISDS 193330)
Meg Merrilees (ISDS 238687)
Int Sup Ch Davy (ISDS 131049)
Gael (ISDS 176596)
Floss (ISDS 111446)
Jacey Red Firefly Von Sumelocenna (ISDS 282576) [Deu]
Sadghyl Dyke (ISDS 139107)
Sadghyl Cairn (ISDS 169884)
Sadghyl Coll (ISDS 107824)
Sadghyl Pip Me To Comebye (ISDS 193219) CDex UDex
Shep (ISDS 129901)
Beck (ISDS 165084)
Lassie (ISDS 152003)
Sherry Of Driffield (ISDS 240762)
Int Brace Ch Ben (ISDS 119873)
Spot (ISDS 182249)
Jill (ISDS 170023)
Mist (ISDS 203285)
Sweep (ISDS 124746)
Fly (ISDS 187254)
Produced by:
Gem (ISDS 161743)

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